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  • Tiny Touch Baby Massage
  • Tiny Touch Baby Massage
  • Tiny Touch Baby Massage
  • Tiny Touch Baby Massage
  • Tiny Touch Baby Massage
  • Tiny Touch Baby Massage

What Our Clients Say About Us...

Interested in our Massage Courses? Check out some of our client feedback below!

Sadie was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. Loved that there was a specialised baby doll to practice if my baby was asleep etc lol. Thanks Sadie, would definitely recommend this course.

❤️ Danielle Liguz

Thank you so much Sadie for our 1-2-1 Baby Massage Course. Me, my husband and Nellie looked forward to every session and had such a lovely time putting techniques into action. Nellie had been so unsettled due to colic/gas and the routines we learnt really helped!! Would recommend this course to everyone! x

❤️ Hannah Mitchell

We have just completed the 5 week private massage course with Sadie and cannot speak highly enough of it. Sadie is very professional and makes you feel very at ease during the class. The content and supporting documentation is also fabulous. Taking the private course was fabulous to fit in with our daily life and for my partner to also be involved. Our baby loves her daily massage now. Thank you so much Sadie!

❤️ Sarah Davis

Sadie was absolutely brilliant throughout our baby massage course me and Ava had such a lovely time, thank you! The course length and time of the sessions are just right. Sadie makes you feel so welcome and relaxed as babies never cooperate when you want them to The course is really informative and easy to follow and has really helped Ava feel more comfortable and relaxed

❤️ Hayley Roe

My daughter and I really enjoyed the baby massage course, I learnt so much and the length of time for the course was just right, with enough repetition each week to really get the hang of it. The sessions were relaxed and I was able to follow the session despite the need for feeds, changes etc. Sadie is a wonderful teacher and made the sessions fun and interactive as well as informative.

❤️ Amy Bourton

My baby and I absolutely loved the baby massage class. Sadie is totally born to do this job, kind, caring and very knowledgeable. Not only did we learn massage but this course is a great way to meet other new Mum’s. We can’t wait to take part in the baby yoga course too x

❤️ Bekki Cohen

After attending a baby massage with my first child 4 years ago, I was desperate to take my 2nd! I found Sadie by chance on Instagram, and I am SO glad I did! Her knowledge in everything baby massage is exceptional, I learnt so much more with her than I ever did with my first child!
Sadie makes the classes so enjoyable and relaxed, and as a mum it can be nerve wracking at first taking a baby to a class, but please don’t hesitate, you will love it!!
I’ve loved every minute of massaging Harry, and feel really confident to use the techniques Sadie has taught us, it’s such an amazing bonding time.
Thank you so much Sadie, you are amazing!

❤️ Lynsey Griffin

My little girl and I have just finished the 5 week massage course and absolutely loved it! We did it as 1:1 and Sadie did an amazing job at helping me adapt the massage especially for my baby.
Would highly recommend.

❤️ Tanja Haynes

I cannot recommend baby massage with Sadie enough, both me and my little boy enjoyed coming every week and are gutted it’s over.
Sadie is lovely and is fantastic at showing all the techniques for the perfect baby massage.
Thank you, looking forward to any classes you so in the future as we will be there!
Lauren & Theo x

❤️ Lauren Roulston

My son and I absolutely loved the baby massage class with Sadie!! would definitely recommend! She is so friendly and makes the class enjoyable for both baby and parent! sad to be finishing the course but looking forward to what other classes come up with Sadie in the future!!

❤️ Jessica Sharpe

We have just completed our 5 week baby massage course, we loved every class! We were so glad to be able to attend the classes safely in this uncertain times. Sadie knows exactly what she is teaching and her passion and enthusiasm is shown in every class. The atmosphere was lovely and relaxing and it was great to meet other lovely mummy’s.
Thank you Sadie for a lovely 5 weeks, we will miss our Monday classes but hopefully see you soon for a new class

❤️ Leanne Patricia Connolly

We have had the loveliest five weeks learning all about baby massage, I wish we could do it all over again! The atmosphere Sadie creates is totally relaxed and supportive, and in these crazy covid times still feels completely safe. It was a great first-baby-class for us, as well as being a lovely, gentle reintroduction to the outside world! Thank you, Sadie, for being fabulous.
I’m very hopeful for baby yoga in the near future! 

❤️ Meg McDougall

We have just finished a lovely few weeks at baby massage and I would definitely recommend A tiny touch. It was a lovely little group, relaxed but we learnt a lot at the same time. Sadie provides a handbook so the techniques can be continued at home and the certificate at the end is a lovely little touch, thank you Sadie x

❤️ Nicola Rose

Thank you Sadie for a lovely few weeks. You made my baby and me feel so comfortable and safe. The course has been amazing and we have learnt lots of new skills. We would definitely recommend your course for other new mums and babies. 

❤️ Jennifer Morton

I would definitely recommend baby massage with Sadie, it’s been lovely to relax with my new baby and learn a new skill at the same time. We use the techniques frequently and I honestly believe the regular massage time helps with her development  I love the parent handbook and certificate you get at the last session too. Thank you Sadie x

❤️ Hannah Louise

I would highly recommend attending Sadie’s baby massage class. She is very knowledgeable as well as friendly!
I have attended a few baby classes since lockdown has eased and I definitely felt more relaxed at Sadie’s.
It was also the perfect opportunity to meet other wonderful Mums. :)

❤️ Sarah Elizabeth

Today we completed our last private 1:1 session with A Tiny Touch & Monty felt very relaxed! I couldn’t recommend Sadie enough, can’t wait to start Baby Yoga with her! :D

❤️ Rowan Gould

I would 100% recommend Sadie! Loved coming for 5 weeks just so gutted it’s over. Sadie is truly passionate about her job and you can see she generally loves what she does. We loved baby massage and a few of techniques really make my baby smile. We can’t wait to come to baby yoga!

❤️ Chelsea Randell

We’ve just completed our baby massage course and it has honestly been incredible. Sadie is so lovely and welcoming, it’s clear how much passion she has for baby massaging. I have learnt so much, have met some wonderful baby mommas and had some quality bonding time with my baby. This course has been a god send in a global pandemic too. Can’t wait for future classes with you already! Thank you so much x

❤️ Danielle Bird

Absolutely loved the massage course. Sadie is such a lovely lady, very welcoming and puts you at ease straight away. Learnt so much with her and can’t wait for her to bring out some more courses. Made some lovely friends too and it’s so nice for my little girl to meet other babies around the same age. Highly recommended Sadie! Xx

❤️ Sarah Louise Ferryman

We’ve just completed the 5 week baby massage course and it was honestly amazing! Sadie is brilliant; she’s welcoming, friendly and so informative on all of the techniques. It’s really helped my baby relax and form a special bond when massaging.
It’s also been such a nice relief from everyday life in lockdown and we felt so secure in all the sessions. Also, it’s been brilliant to meet the other lovely Moms and babies during the sessions.
Thank you so much! ❤️

❤️ Aimee Hartles

Oh I loved attending baby massage each week with my little girl, were both going to miss it soo much! Sadie is such a lovely person she makes you feel so welcome and teaches you massage in a great way. I would highly recommend if youre looking into this course then go for it! Also i met lovely ladies on the course!, Cant wait to join Sadie for baby yoga next year!

❤️ Katrina Smith

Els and I have had a wicked time at our baby massage class, we’ve learnt alot and have had fun together doing it also! Sadies a great teacher… so so lovely and makes you feel comfortable. Would love to do another class with Sadie again sometime soon.

❤️ Jorgie Cotton

We’ve had the best 5 weeks learning baby massage with Sadie! She’s amazing at what she does, but on top of that she’s just the most welcoming and lovely person, makes you feel so at ease and comfortable! Thankyou so much, we can’t wait to join you again for baby yoga

❤️ Courtney Lander

Absolutely fantastic course and Sadie is so welcoming. the routines really helped with colic and we have enjoyed doing them at home. We will miss attending the classes!

❤️ Abbey Aston

We’ve really enjoyed our baby massage course and already miss it! Sadie has such a kind and lovely personality, and made every class fun and interesting! It’s been a real pick me up and great bonding in these hard times and a big bonus – my baby now sleeps!! Highly recommend

❤️ Sophie Shakespeare

I just wanted to say a big thank you for our massage classes every Thursday, we have loved them & missed them since we completed. I will be continuing massage for our little boy Finley as we like to enjoy this after bath time so he is all ready for bed! It was lovely to have met you Sadie!

❤️ Mattia Williams

Was really upset when the classes finished, I found it so beneficial and helpful and it has been by far my most favourite group. Sadie and the Mums were just so lovely and made me feel really welcome, highly recommend!

❤️ Lauren Quincey

Today was my last class with Sadie unfortunately we couldn’t attend. Sadie had me on video call so I could join in. We have loved coming every week. We have learnt so much these past 5 weeks. We also have enjoyed talking to the other moms. Fantastic class highly recommend. Thanks Sadie x

❤️ Jessica Kelly

Reuben and I completed our 5 week baby massage course with Sadie at A Tiny Touch today, and we have loved every minute! Sadie is so kind and welcoming, is so knowledgeable about all aspects of massage and bonding with your baby through touch, and makes you feel so comfortable through the whole class. The classes are held in such a relaxed atmosphere – being able to feed/change/comfort baby throughout the class without having to leave the room, etc. makes it so much more enjoyable! We have learnt so much together and Reuben loves his massage every evening after bathtime! Thank you so much Sadie, I would definitely recommend to friends and family, and can’t wait for any future classes you hold! Take care lovely xxx

❤️ Jessica Laurel

Sadie is so lovely and a great teacher! Me and Sophia really enjoyed this class ❤️

❤️ Charlotte Harvey

Finley and I have enjoyed A Tiny Touch massage classes every week & were so sad to have finished the course. Thank you so much Sadie

❤️ Mattia Williams

Me and Amari have completed our 5 week course of baby massage and we really enjoyed it, was a lovely group of mommas and babies and most importantly Sadie our teacher was just perfect so lovely and kind i’m going to miss the group. Would highly recommend.

❤️ Paige Burdett

I am so gutted our classes have now finished, both me and Tommy absolutely loved our Thursdays! not only did it get me out the house, we got to meet other mommy’s and babies! Tommy loves massage and we do it regularly at home! Sadie is amazing! she took time to interact with each baby as well as answering any questions we had, she really educated us on how we can help our little puds (as well as ourselves) CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH!! ❤️❤️

❤️ Olivia Smallwood

Sadie is brilliant!! Such a lovely welcoming person and brilliant class to do nice to meet other moms and be able to talk baby!! Especially at hard times at the moment this class gives you something to look forward to x

❤️ Lauren Boyles

Theo and I loved our Tiny Touch classes so much ! Sadie is absolutely amazing and so warm and welcoming. We go to lots of different baby classes and this was by far our favourite and Sadie is the best teacher and brilliant with all the babies. We are looking forward to seeing you again for baby yoga ! xx

❤️ Sophie Collins

Me and vogue love Sadie to bits we can’t recommend her enough ❤️. Great way to meet mom friends and me and vogue can’t wait to do more classes in the future with her and other moms . Thank you for teaching us we have learnt lots  xx

❤️Cashelle Lloyd

Absolutely loved our sessions, Sadie is so lovely and welcoming everything is explained thoroughly and thoughtfully. The course is also baby led so you are free to tend to your little ones needs throughout the session. Could not say enough how enjoyable and relaxing it was. Such a lovely way to bond with your little one, we love to use the techniques in our bedtime routine to help baby relax and settle along with some great tips for trapped wind and teething too.

❤️ Lizzie Burns

Just completed a 5 week group course with my second baby and I’m gutted I didn’t do it first time round! The techniques Sadie teaches have really helped her to settle down especially in the evenings. The structure of the classes is great, the recap each week of what we did the week before is useful and the theory behind it is very interesting too. Thanks Sadie! Would definitely recommend!

❤️ Leanne Smyth

Just completed a 5 week baby massage course with A Tiny Touch and really enjoyed it! Sadie was fab; she was really friendly, easily contactable and a knowledgeable teacher. Classes were baby led and there were dolls to practice the techniques on if babies were sleeping. It was great to have the information packs summarising the 5 weeks and a lovely personalised certificate at the end. The class set up was well thought out to ensure Covid guidance was adhered to and it was great to attend a class in person rather than online. Would recommend to other new mums!

❤️ Rachel Wakelin

Fantastic baby massage course! Sadie is brilliant at teaching the techniques so it’s easy to do at home with baby, especially with the useful handouts you are given. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly! Baby even gets their own little certificate which is a lovely way to complete the course!

❤️ Liz Leary

Just had our one to one baby massage with Sadie, Olivia absolutely loved it and fell to sleep straight afterwards. She must have been nice and relaxed thank you! x

❤️ Samantha Young

Sadie was very clear & concise, making it clear to understand and follow the massage techniques. Her calm and personable personality made our experience very easy and natural.

❤️ Charlotte Duffy

We have just recently completed our baby massage sessions with Sadie! I would highly recommend these sessions with Sadie! We had 5 one to one sessions and it has had such a great impact on us! It has really strengthened the bond with my little boy and with adding it into his bed time routine we have found he is sleeping much better throughout the night
Sadie made us feel at ease the moment she came in and explained all the massages throughly and really created a bond with my little boy. I can’t recommend Sadie enough!! We will he keeping our massages into the night time routine

❤️ Becky Asson

Sadie made us feel very comfortable from the start, William was either crying or sleeping at each session so didn’t actually take part but this did not stop the teaching Sadie provided as she came equipped with her dolls! I would highly recommend Sadie as it has really helped William with his colic/wind and she was knowledgeable with moves to avoid due to Williams hernia. we have a great time after baths mainly doing the different massages and it really seems to relax him ready for bed!

❤️ Lucy Charlotte Robinson

Recently had five session of baby massage with Sadie and can 100% recommend her services as we found it highly beneficial for our daughter .
The session are fun relaxed and enjoyable and you always feel at ease during the session as Sadie talks you through everything step by step.
Harper now recognises Sadie and knows it’s time for massage.
After every session Harper is very relaxed and tends to go into a deep sleep shortly after the massage has finished.
Would like to personally thank Sadie for a wonderful five star experience.



❤️ Dani Coleman

Sadie was absolutely amazing enjoyed every second!!!!!

❤️ Jade Clarke

My granddaughter had Sadie from A tiny touch for her baby massage. she was very good . fully recommend. great and relaxing. 5-STARS!

❤️ Lynda Jefferson

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